Frank Walton: More Imposter Nonsense

The next day:

Another slip up by Frank Walton.


  1. Arizona Atheist said...

    Looks like my gut was right...didn't realize this guy has been doing this for so long. Thanks for the comment, and cool blog : )

    Keep up the good work!  

  2. Frank Walton Sucks! said...

    Many of the posts that you folks are seeing on these pages are Frank actually impersonating someone else. Generally if it looks suspicious it is. However the owner of this blog allows Frank Walton to make these comments, so he can hang himself.

    The only post about Frank Walton you will ever need to read. atheism sucks  

  3. Anonymous said...

    Have you actually seen the pathetic, rambling nonsense that is Walton's blog? I have - wish I hadn't but it's good to know thy enemy. In some sense, Chris, you should be flatted by his childish musings... they all seem to center around the RRS. I haven't seen anything in his writings that doesn't reference the RRS in some way. It's almost like he's secretly in love with y'all. And the"answers" to the RRS he has on his site are just, well, sad. I almost pity him. I've heard of circular logic, but Walton's mind must be like a goldfish in a bowl.