Frank Walton on Youtube

There seems to be a rash of "daddy cool" postings out there lately, because of it we've been made aware that Frank Walton is back at it over on youtube:Frank Walton on Youtube

Here are a couple of highlights from Frank Waltons Youtube site. Could he get any more childish than this?

Frank Walton kicks Rich Rodriguez's "intellectual" ass

TXatheist is Scared of Frank Walton

Greydon Square kicks Brian Sapient's ass!!!

the link

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The Return of Frank Walton?

It appears that Frank is planning a return to the world of Christian apologetics. We can't wait.

It's pretty well known that "daddy cool" is Frank Walton.

The link

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Notice my cursor is over the "Frank Walton" in this comment, and it goes directly to the "Frank Walton" profile that was used to create atheismsucks.

Interesting that he references his "wife" and calls her a whore, and that he'd like someone to rape her.

Sounds to me that he forgot to log off his real "Frank Walton" profile before posting on an "imposter" profile.

Go here to see for yourself:

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Will Hawthorne, Atheism is Dead and ex-Atheism Sucks blog owner Resigns.

Saying Goodbye

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This post has been removed from by Frank Walton

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As usual, Frank Walton is found to be a liar.

Will Hawthorne posted a comment here at Frank Walton Chronicle see: A Frank Walton Comeback? advising me of his response to Frank Walton here: Invitation to Frank to write posts again on atheismsucks
Now that Frank has taken control of Atheismsucks, this post has been removed.

Yeah, it's a mess.

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Another petty, childish rant from Frank Walton.

We don't hear much from Frank Walton these days. He posted this May 4 2008 at Automatic Response to my Email
This post has been removed.

Frank continues to rant. Notice the abundance of name-calling.

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As always, is it too hard for your dumb ass to actually comment on the nature of the actual blog post? You obviously didn't watch the video clips.
-Frank Walton

One of the team members M, rebuked him then apologized to anyone else who has endured Franks abuse. It was removed the next day, by Frank himself.
I guess in Franks mind if you are a trouble maker, and there was and is no evidence of that, you are worthy of abuse.