Frank Walton writes:
"It’s funny how Sam Harris does more harm to the atheist worldview crowd than good! What an idiot! I wrote a blog all about him, and how ridiculous he is. First psychic phenomenon, now this. Yeah SammytheBullshitter, we want atheism to never be used again too. Heck we want there to BE NO ATHEISTS! because basically they suck."

Frank Walton's Posting Rules

It's pretty much known that Frank Walton let's very little if any criticism of his ideas, or his blog, or him, pass the censor and get posted. But somehow when someone, even using profanity, attacks someone he doesn't like on his blog, especially one who is giving him a bit of schooling, that post goes right through.

That "anonymous" post was most likely made by Frank himself.

Franks' Rules for Posting

The post he allowed


I rest my case.

Back in the early days, before Frank Walton started his blog site, he had and still has a geocities site. In an effort to keep people from cutting and pasting his scholarly opines, he had this message popup telling you your computer sucks when you right click.
Go visit and try it out: While you're there try to figure out what the hell he's talking about.

Corrospondance [sic] courses?

Frank Walton chickens out of a live debate, because he craves his anonymity.

Frank thinks of himself as a master when it comes to debating his theological ideas. The problem is, there is very little if any evidence that he can even finish a written debate without some sort of problem. Most people he debates quickly realize that Frank really isn't worth their time and bail. People should do a bit more research before debating idiots like frank Walton. But I certainly understand their frustration.
Imaging trying to debate this guy Time Cube That's what it must be like debating Frank Walton. I've looked through these tattered remnants of his proudest moments, and I can't find anything worthy of the title "college student", much less "apologist".

This poor fella hung in there till the bitter end.

The rest:

It's sad really; Frank See's himself in this league:
Is it me or does Ben look like a gopher? Anyway, no, Benny, your last words would be "I am Ben Dobson and I was always scared of debating real Christian debaters."

Personally I'd be embarrassed to post any of that on a blog with my name on it, unless I was purposely trying to make Christianity look bad. Hmmm..... I have heard rumors.

The "Ben looks like a gopher" comment was a nice touch.

An old one from Frank Walton

I gotta admit the "smakins for your lopsided head" part was pretty funny!