Frank Walton:Married?

Frank Walton, posting porn

Frank Walton, posting porn.

Apparently he wasn't in da howse long.


It's obviously not posted by a retired veteran of this country's armed forces.
In fact it's an embarrassment.
Another Frank Walton sock puppet?

Frank Walton: Mormons are Dogs

Allison Browne said...
Honestly, I can't fathom what Frank Walton is hoping to acomplish. I've never been witness to and intelligent post he's made on any subject whatsoever, anywhere whatsoever.

It is also quite clear that all of his convictions by given to him by someone else. He has no original though, no ability to reason, no reading comprehension. Frank Walton is a detriment to the Christian apologetic community he claims to support. If I had a body of work composed as Frank Waltons is, and it was out there for everyone to see, I'd panic, and not just for the horrible spelling, syntactical and grammatical errors, but for the pure cowardice in avarice in which it is delivered.

Here's a quick look at his apologetics style.
Frank posted:

"Pretty stupid, just what I'd expect from an atheist. Have you even made a decent post except being an idiot? Whould you like some smakins for that lopsided face of yours? Eh, Eh, Can't hear you big nuggets, you sound like a big sisssy boy, you a sissy boy? Boy?
I'd be surprised if you didn't have aids already, queer-boy.
Frank Walton"

He betrays his own efforts at every turn. There is even a posting where he apparently called Mormons dogs:

Frank Walton Calls Mormons Dogs

If I didn't know better I'd think he was an atheist bent on embarrassing the efforts of Christians. But I do know better, he's a punk. He's the kind of guy who punches your little sister at recess, yet hides when you come to look for him.

8:10 AM

Frank Walton: Eva is a Whore

Found this one archived on Google.
This is most likely why Frank Walton got banned from Raving Atheist.
Notice how he threatens Eva, who I assume is a woman.
Pretty tacky Frank, pretty tacky.

Frank Responds to this video:

June 30, 2007

PS I've gone public about my face. So you can lose your boyfriend's underwear from your face. But my picture is not hard to find. So, you'll know how I look like if you ever want to have a friendly fist fight.

June 30, 2007

Hi FrankWaltonSucks,

That was a funny video you did of me. But trust me, I'm not scared that Reginald Finley will kill me. But he publicly posted my home address, phone number, and my wife's name in his forum. This puts my life in danger, FrankWaltonSucks. I'm not surprised you find that hilarious. But I had some atheists call and threaten me. I told one of them to come to my house and fight me if they want. They never showed. But hey, FrankWaltonSucks, since you have my personal info why don't you pay me a visit for a one-on-one sparring match? I promise to go easy. How about it?


the real Frank Walton

Frank Walton: Banned