As always, is it too hard for your dumb ass to actually comment on the nature of the actual blog post? You obviously didn't watch the video clips.
-Frank Walton

One of the team members M, rebuked him then apologized to anyone else who has endured Franks abuse. It was removed the next day, by Frank himself.
I guess in Franks mind if you are a trouble maker, and there was and is no evidence of that, you are worthy of abuse.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I've gone after Frank in personal emails as well, but this doesn't mean that Frank is trying to hide anything. The reason I did so publicly this time was for the benefit of that poster. Now, I would never say that Frank is perfect in a million years or that he doesn't need work on his people skills, but to compare his little action to those you accuse him of (like being his own imposter that goes around and states racists remarks etc.) is taking it too far.

    I recently wrote a post at AS dealing with this very issue and refuting the theory. I do hope you enjoy it.  

  2. John Deering said...

    I'm the "dumb ass" and whatever Frank wants to think he will. His team knows that I'm not Ted Bell but as we all know, the truth matters little to Frank. Either way, I've shaken the dust of him off my sandals and have moved on. I have better things to do with my time...