Frank Walton chickens out of a live debate, because he craves his anonymity.

Frank thinks of himself as a master when it comes to debating his theological ideas. The problem is, there is very little if any evidence that he can even finish a written debate without some sort of problem. Most people he debates quickly realize that Frank really isn't worth their time and bail. People should do a bit more research before debating idiots like frank Walton. But I certainly understand their frustration.
Imaging trying to debate this guy Time Cube That's what it must be like debating Frank Walton. I've looked through these tattered remnants of his proudest moments, and I can't find anything worthy of the title "college student", much less "apologist".

This poor fella hung in there till the bitter end.

The rest:

It's sad really; Frank See's himself in this league:
Is it me or does Ben look like a gopher? Anyway, no, Benny, your last words would be "I am Ben Dobson and I was always scared of debating real Christian debaters."

Personally I'd be embarrassed to post any of that on a blog with my name on it, unless I was purposely trying to make Christianity look bad. Hmmm..... I have heard rumors.

The "Ben looks like a gopher" comment was a nice touch.


  1. Frank Walton said...

    Thank you, Ted. It was a nice touch wasn't it? Keep doing damage control for ol' Benny.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Is this guy really in college? That's discouraging, yet encouraging I guess. It's not that we should not allow the mentally handicapped to enroll, but they have to live up to certain standards. It's like that retarded kid who graduated from high schoool but couldn't read. we all know he did his best but did he really meet the standard? It's a tough one.  

  3. BenFromCanada said...

    My last comment to Walton

    I'd be willing to stick to the rules over e-mail, then post it all at once when it's done.
    Anyway, keeping kjv's immature name-calling post where he calls me anti-semitic, but not allowing mine where I call him a "f*cktard" for saying that without evidence proves just what kind of person you are. You're OK with slander if it's against an atheist. However, "irrational" statements that return fire, even if they're less potent than the opening shot, are not allowed.
    I don't even care about this debate anymore, because I don't think it would be worth my time to put you in your place. Sling whatever you want, I don't care. I'm done with you.
    By the way, you have been keeping this weblog up for 2 years. I had one for about a month and change. I'm sure you didn't have much more than a dozen or so readers at that point. However, I have, in 4 months posting on YouTube, 300+ subscribers and other non-subscribers who are fans (that I know about). And all this despite my supposed gopher-like appearance. How many people read your blog (who aren't your alter ego)?  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Well glad to see you agree that you look like a gopher. Hey you can do all the damage control you want, and keep changing your mind every two seconds about whether to debate or not. The benny the gopher, I'm done with you, have been. You scurried away from the debate dude. face it. Plus I've had atheismsucks for over 5 years. You're just riding the (Ir)rational responder squad thats why you have idiots coming to your stupid blog, whats' the title of your blog again? oh yeah it's called "The Ranblings of Goofy the Gopher" it stinks. Why don't you just post on my site like a man. Dude you're sick.  

  5. Anonymous said...

    Hey gopher-boy, I fucked your Grandma last night. The one with the total hip replacement! LOL!