Frank Walton: More Threats of Violence

Frank Responds to this video:

June 30, 2007

PS I've gone public about my face. So you can lose your boyfriend's underwear from your face. But my picture is not hard to find. So, you'll know how I look like if you ever want to have a friendly fist fight.

June 30, 2007

Hi FrankWaltonSucks,

That was a funny video you did of me. But trust me, I'm not scared that Reginald Finley will kill me. But he publicly posted my home address, phone number, and my wife's name in his forum. This puts my life in danger, FrankWaltonSucks. I'm not surprised you find that hilarious. But I had some atheists call and threaten me. I told one of them to come to my house and fight me if they want. They never showed. But hey, FrankWaltonSucks, since you have my personal info why don't you pay me a visit for a one-on-one sparring match? I promise to go easy. How about it?


the real Frank Walton