Knight, I cannot believe people like you. You are a low-life piece of trash. And yet you question my faith in God?! God help me, if we ever meet in the same place and you see a large black man (with Irish and Puerto Rican blood) walking towards you, you best believe that that's me. You better prepare to have your ears plugged because you will receive a tongue lashing you won't soon forget. And if you ever feel punchy do let me know because I'll be more than happy to spar with you without gloves.



  1. Frank Walton said...

    Is this the best you can do, Teddy? Lying? LOL! Dude, don't go soft on me, now, okay, sweetheart?  

  2. Corey Washington said...

    We won't  

  3. Frank Walton Sucks! said...

    Many of the posts that you folks are seeing on these pages are Frank actually impersonating someone else. Generally if it looks suspicious it is. However the owner of this blog allows Frank Walton to make these comments, so he can hang himself.

    The only post about Frank Walton you will ever need to read. atheism sucks